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How to become a volunteer

    Volunteers are the cornerstone of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. Thanks to them this powerful humanitarian Movement has implemented continues implementation of its humanitarian mission throughout the world.

    The Armenian Red Cross Society is an open and transparent organization and anybody can become a member or a volunteer regardless his race, gender, religion, material or other status, who accept the ARCS Statutes, its goals and objectives and wish to participate in or contribute to its activities.

    The members of the organization can be ordinary, volunteer, honorary and sponsor.

    Ordinary members can be admitted based on their application to the relative branch. Ordinary members pay annual membership.

    Volunteering member is a person who has expressed a desire to render disinterested service to ARCS. At present, Armenian Red Cross Society has large number of volunteers, taking part in various projects aimed at the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Thanks to volunteers, the ARCS has implemented and continues to implement its humanitarian mission.

    The title of Honorary ARCS member is awarded by the Presidium to the individuals, who had provided exceptional service to the organization.

    The title of Sponsoring ARCS member is awarded by the Presidium to those distinguished state and public figures, who permanently support the development and implementation of goals and objectives.

    At present the Armenian Red Cross Society has a solid number of volunteers who participate in implementation of various programmes aimed at satisfying needs of vulnerable people.

    For more detailed information as well as for becoming Red Cross volunteer, please visit Armenian Red Cross Society, 21/1 Paronyan street, 0015 or apply online.