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What we do
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International Activities

The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARSC) within its activities continuously cooperates with all components of the Red Cross and Red Crescent International Movement, Governments, international and local organizations. In this way the National Society establishes new relations, strengthened its cooperation with local and international organizations, as well as with sister NS’s.


ARCS during its activities implements joint programs with Norwegian, British, Japanese, Danish, Austrian, American Red Crosses, Baden-Wurttemberg Provincial Branch of German Red Cross, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, European Union, Global Fund, Austrian Development Agency, Lyon Branch of the Committee for support to the Armenian Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Mission East, German Technical Cooperation and with a number of international and local organizations. 


ARCS Staff and Volunteers participate international meetings, seminars and events introducing NS during regional and international cooperation meetings, First Aid competitions, trainings and camps.