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About us

    About us

    The Armenian Red Cross Society is a non-profit organization, established based on common interests of its’ members, the only National Society on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, which does not pursue any religious, political goals, not affiliated with any political stream, and carries out its activities throughout the country. For implementing its’ authorized goals and objectives, ARCS has established regional, territorial and community branches. The Headquarters is located in Yerevan.

    As an authorized member of the International Red Cross Movement, Armenian Red Cross Society is guided by the fundamental principles of the Red Cross, and is an auxiliary organization to the government.

    Armenian Red Cross Society's mission is to reduce the vulnerability of the population through mobilization of the power of humanity, to get prepared to cope with situations, which may cause vulnerability among the population, as well as by assisting people made vulnerable by harsh socio-economic conditions.

    ARCS is open for everyone. Every individual can become a member: RA and Foreign citizens, stateless people, regardless of race, sex, religion, economic or other status, who accepts ARCS rules, goals and objectives and have a wish to contribute its’ activities.

    Teenagers under 14, can become a member, based on the application from their legal representative. Teenagers under 18, if they are not recognized legally incapable, can become a member of ARCS based on their application, with written agreement of their legal representative.

    ARCS members can be Ordinary, Voluntary, Honorary and Sponsoring.

    Ordinary members can be admitted based on their application to the relative branch. Ordinary members pay annual membership.

    Volunteering member is a person who has expressed a desire to render disinterested service to ARCS. At present, Armenian Red Cross Society has large number of volunteers, taking part in various projects aimed at the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Thanks to volunteers, the ARCS has implemented and continues to implement its humanitarian mission.

    The title of Honorary ARCS member is awarded by the Presidium to the individuals, who had provided exceptional service to the organization.

    The title of Sponsoring ARCS member is awarded by the Presidium to those distinguished state and public figures, who permanently support the development and implementation of goals and objectives.

    In the hard situation, following 1988 Spitak earthquake, the Armenian Red Cross Society, adopting the experience and skills of foreign National Societies and using its’ own professional and organizational capacities, managed to make a tremendous progress in a relatively short period, becoming a competent and reliable partner for those Societies and many other organizations.

    After all the necessary organizational changes, ARCS became the largest and the most competent humanitarian organization, which aims at support the vulnerable social groups, help disaster victims and distribute humanitarian ideas in the society, as well as implement other activities for the benefit of people, provided by law, regardless of nationality, racial, gender, religious and class affiliations and political views.