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Implemented projects
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Empower the most vulnerable

Empower the most vulnerable

Empower the most vulnerable

Armenian Red Cross Society is implementing “Empower the most vulnerable” project funded by USA Embassy in Armenia from November 2013 till May 2014. The aim of the project is to support 30 most vulnerable Syrian-Armenian families to startup income generating activity.

The project will select up to 30 Syrian-Armenian families with small business ideas or proposals for income generating activity. The selected beneficiaries will receive tools or equipments for starting or developing their income generating activity.

In the frame of the project:

  • 155 potential applicants have been surveyed and researched
  • 60 applicants were invited for the selection committee
  • 30 applications have been selected as beneficiaries of “Empower the most vulnerable” project
  • Selected applicant will receive necessary tools or equipment for their income generating activity 
  • Project beneficiaries will participate in business startup training

After the winners are selected ARCS will purchase tools and equipment for up 30 businesses. The tools will be provided to the beneficiaries Transfer Ownership agreement.

The beneficiaries of the project will get training through the project. The training will help them to get knowledge and skills how to start business in Armenia. The training will be conducted by professional trainers on business start-up in Armenia. Legal and economic issues will be covered.