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Refugee protection and integration

Refugee protection and integration

Refugee protection and integration

Implemented organization - Armenian Red Cross Society
Project name - Refugee protection and integration
Implementation period 2022
Donor organization՝ UN High Commissioner of Refugees office

Geography of implementation՝ Republic of Armenia

Target group - The project beneficiaries are refugees, asylum seekers, persons in
refugee like situation and the displaced population.

Project objectives and activities.

In the frames of the project, a large-scale implementation of activities were aimed at the general protection and integration of displaced persons. 
With the help of its regional branches, ARCS carried out monitoring visits to border points of RA, airports, green border checkpoints; cooperated with representatives of the border guard troops of the RA National Security Service, organized periodic trainings on the asylum procedure in RA, the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. ARCS provided translation services for all stages of the asylum procedure and integration activities.

ARCS monitored the Reception center/hereinafter RC/, which was subordinated by Ministry of Territorial Administration of Migration Service, identifying individual problems of the asylum seekers of RC, submited and implemented the proposals for the improvement of infrastructure and conditions, promoted and protected from various social risks, met their basic needs and ensured the realization of their rights.

Information sessions, Armenian language classes and psychological assistance were organized in the Reception Center.
In the frames of the project it was also aimed to provide special protection for refugee children in difficult situations and persons subjected to violence.
The identification of Child Best interest and the case management, the implementation of social-psychological and special rehabilitation assistance to GBV survivals contributed to the comprehensive protection of rights.

The integration component activities had also multi-layer directions:

- Social cultural integration:

  • Armenian language classes for refugees-the classes  organized both online and offline, based on the number of participants, language, Covid-19 situation etc.
  • Psychological assistance - individual and group psychological assistance for the residence of the Reception center and also the target person or family living in separate accommodation.
  • Organization of informative and orientational sessions and cultural events – h beneficiaries get acquainted with the Armenian culture, traditions, legal and social system, available projects for the assistance and livelihood opportunities.

- Child resilience building:

  • Organization of events for children were aimed to improve psychological well-being of children, social cohesion, peaceful coexistence and local integration:
  • Various group meetings, art- therapy sessions, cultural and educational events were organized.

- In the frames of integration component, the scope of activities were:

  • Employment, job placement
  • Career development
  • Provision of professional toolkits,
  • Organization of Financial literacy and business education, family business planning, marketing and career development trainings for economic activities.
  • Business counseling and referrals


- Peaceful co-existence and community support initiative projects:

  • In close cooperation with local governmental organizations, community assistance programs were implemented throughout the Republic of Armenia, as well as the assistance was provided to community-based organizations
  • Capacity building trainings were organized for USS representatives in cooperation with the Unified Social Service of the MLSA of the Republic of Armenia.