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Syunik Regional Branch

    Syunik Regional Branch

    Syunik Regional Branch

    Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), following its humanitarian mission, aims at supporting the most vulnerable, to meet their humanitarian needs and alleviate suffering.   

    Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), following its humanitarian mission, aims at supporting the most vulnerable, to meet their humanitarian needs and alleviate suffering.  

    In Syunik Region we support:

    • the most vulnerable lonely elderly
    • children with special needs
    • children and youth
    • families in need
    • vulnerable communities
    • TB patient
    • Covid-19 isolated population
    • Refugee, asylum seeker and displaced families
    • Displaced people as a result of the escalation of the Karabakh conflict

    Locally displaced people and affected communities as a result of September 13 military operations.


     Disaster risk reduction and response 

    • 2 Response Teams with 12 members for improvement of ARCS capability to timely and effective response to the humanitarian needs of disaster-affected population in the region.


    Weapon contamination


    3000 members of border communities

    Raising awareness of the 12 schools of the 11 communities living along the international border of the risks posed by the presence of weapons and the emergence of safer behavior, with around 2000 students and 1000 community population.

    Population movement


    About 4150 direct beneficiary families

    Internally displaced or at risk of displacement - 1024 persons,

    Displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh - 3000 people.

    About 100 refugees and asylum seekers


    • Consultation and information provision
    • Assessment of needs and management of identified cases of families displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh through protection monitoring
    • Management of special child protection cases
    • Management of cases of violence
    • Capacity development of representatives of cooperating structures,
    • Provision of translation services



    • Provision of housing rent
    • Humanitarian assistance including provision of food and hygiene kits
    • Organizing Armenian language classes and socio-cultural events
    • Organizing specialization and business courses, provision of tools and support for animal husbandry in order to promote profitability for economic integration,
    • Organizing psychological support through individual and group work
    • Measures aimed at increasing children's resilience
    • Community programs aimed at ensuring peaceful coexistence of displaced and local families
    • Technical assistance to community-based organizations supporting displaced families



    Goris                                     Aid to art school

    Kapan                                   Playground

    Kapan                                   Smart library

    Shinuhayr                            Park construction

    Shinuhayr                            Bench setup in the central street

    Sisian                                     Bench setup in the central street

    Sisian/Shaki                        Rooms for elderly people

    First aid courses and kits


    • Kapan area – FA courses in 16 border communities
    • Goris area - FA courses in 16 border communities
    • Meghri area - FA courses in 3 border communities
    • Sisian area - FA courses in 5 border communities




    Increasing resilience of local communities to health emergencies in the South Caucasus


    Increase community resilience to reduce the negative impact and consequences of disasters and emergencies on population health, improve the ability to withstand epidemics, first aid, psychological support.


    In 19 communities, the population's awareness of health problems during emergency situations was raised (FA, Epidemic, Pandemic, WASH and Sanitation).


    About 5,400 people of different age groups received information between January and September.

    Volunteer initiatives


    200 socially vulnerable persons

    • Sand room for children with disabilities
    • Hairdressing services for the displaced and lonely elderly
    • Sewing course for vulnerable women
    • Youth club in Goris
    • Visits to lonely elderly people


    Providing social-psychological support to outpatients with tuberculosis and Raising awareness about Tuberculosis / Covid


    26 patients with tuberculosis

    • Providing TB information and social and psychological support to outpatients, their family members,
    • Raising public awareness about Tuberculosis / Covid.



    Responding to the Karabakh conflict escalation

    Ensuring access to education for students from border communities and children displaced from Artsakh

    350 children between 1-6 grades

    • Secondary school of Syunik region’s Geghanush community
    • Secondary school of Syunik community
    • Secondary school after Aramayis Sahakyan of Tegh community
    • Since 2022 Basic school N6 of Goris community

    Establishment of training centers, training of regional volunteers of the ARCS, including teachers.

    Carrying out daily lesson preparations  trainings, extracurricular groups, social and cultural events, thematic discussions aimed at the formation of abilities and worldview.



    Psycho- social support to the victims of the conflict

     1000 displaced and 50 internally displaced people

    Contribute to the recovery of the mental health of those affected by the conflict through the provision of group or individual psychological services.


    Cash support

    Support to border communities of Gegharkunik and Syunik (one-time cash support to 1685 families of 29 communities until winter to purchase fodder and firewood, total 471 million 800 thousand AMD).

    11, 997 humanitarian aid packages were provided, including stationery, hygiene, household items and food.


    Food assistance to lonely elderly


    70 beneficiaries

    The Armenian Red Cross Society, with the support of the Swiss Red Cross, implements a food assistance program in Aragatsotn, Ararat, Tavush, Kotayk, and Syunik regions.

    70 lonely elderly people in Kapan receive a food package every month from the Armenian Red Cross Society. It includes rice, sugar, pasta, oil and other food items.

    In addition, Red Cross volunteers regularly visit the elderly, communicate, help with household chores, and organize various entertainment and cultural events.


    Dissemination of humanitarian values

    About 1000 students per year

    The goal is to spread humanitarian ideas among the population, especially the youth, to attract new resources and volunteers, to expand the list of partners.

    • Coverage of basic principles and history of the Red Cross in schools and villages of Syunik region, educational institutions,
    • Thematic events, games and competitions.

    Response to the consequences of 2022 September 13-14 military operations

    About 1000 units/packages/pieces of humanitarian aid in the form of food, hygiene items, clothes, First Aid boxes, kitchen items, bedding, first psychological support were provided.