Vayots Dzor Regional Branch

    Vayots Dzor Regional Branch



    Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), following its humanitarian mission, aims at supporting the most vulnerable, to meet their humanitarian needs and alleviate suffering.   

    In Vayots Dzor Region we support:

    • the most vulnerable lonely elderly
    • mothers of children with disabilities
    • children and youth
    • families in need
    • vulnerable communities
    • TB patients


    Community-based integrated home care and healthy ageing (from 2020)

    100 bedridden lonely elderly

    Care by professional nurses

    Support by home care providers and volunteers

    Special home care equipment and hygiene items

    Initiative groups for Healthy ageing activities in communities


    Food support for lonely elderly people

    70 vulnerable elderly

    Starting from November 2018, 70 vulnerable elderly people of Yeghegnadzor receive food parcels from Armenian Red Cross Society. The parcel contains rice, sugar, macarons, vegetable oil and other types of food.


    Psycho-social support to families of Missing persons

    6 Missing person families

    • Detailed data collection about Missing persons
    • Support to the families to solve their social, health and legal issues
    • Vocational training for family members
    • Cultural events organization

     Stigma and discrimination reduction and psycho-social support

    17 tuberculosis patients


    • Psycho-social support to the patients, who interrupted the treatment  
    • Talks on stigma with the patients, their relatives and the primary health care providers

    Disaster Risk Reduction and Respons

    12 Response Team members

    Improvement of preparedness to disasters through the establishment of Response Teams

    Improvement of Emergency Operations Center for volunteers control, lead and deployment.


    Refugee Protection and Economic Integration

    Primary humanitarian and legal consultation provision to the asylum seekers and refugees in RA

    Self-employment support to promote income generation in the form of tools to the refugee and displaced families.


    Dissemination of Humanitarian principles

    1000 pupils and teachers yearly

    The goal is the dissemination of Humanitarian principles among the population, especially Youth, involve new resources and volunteers, and enlarge the network of the partners. 

    Dissemination sessions in the schools and educational institutions of Lori urban and rural communities about Red Cross history and fundamental principles

    Thematic events, such as games and competitions, etc.  



     Our partners are: the ICRC Delegation in Armenia, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,  Swiss, Danish and Austrian Red Crosses, UNHCR, Global Fund, RA Ministry of Health, RA Ministry of  Emergency Situations, NCT SNPO, local self-government bodies, individuals.

     To support ARCS activities in Vayots dzor Region, please visit: