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Gegharkunik Regional Branch

    Gegharkunik Regional Branch

    Gegharkunik Regional Branch



    The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), following its humanitarian mission, aims at supporting the most vulnerable, to meet their humanitarian needs and ease suffering.  

    In Gegharkunik Region we support:

    • the most vulnerable lonely elderly
    • mothers of children with disabilities
    • children and youth
    • families in need
    • vulnerable communities
    • TB patient
    • Covid-19 isolated population
    • Refugee, asylum seeker and displaced families
    • Displaced people as a result of the escalation of the Karabakh conflict
    • Internally displaced people and affected communities as a result of September 13 military operations



    Disaster management

    12 response Team members


    • Improvement of preparedness to disasters through the establishment of Response Teams
    • Improving the capacity of the ARCS to respond in a timely and effective manner to the humanitarian needs of disaster-affected populations in the region.



    Weapon contamination

     Since 2021


    Members of border communities


    Informing about 816 school students and teachers of 4 communities (Sotk, Mets Masrik, Ttu jur, Vahan) living in the immediate vicinity of the danger and about 250 residents of another 10 communities regarding the risks arising from the presence of weapons, and the demonstration of safer behavior.

    Response to the escalation of the Karabakh conflict in 2020


    637 people received 68,000 AMD cash support, in total 43,316,000 AMD.


    12,347 humanitarian aid packages were provided, including hygiene, stationery, household items and food.

    • Thematic events, such as games and competitions, etc. 


    Increasing the level of emergency preparedness in border school communities


    140 children between 1-6 classes


    Enhancing access to education in educational institutions along the international border with Azerbaijan to ensure a safe learning environment through the joint efforts of all stakeholders. Developed resilience skills in educational communities to withstand the risks of conflict and post-conflict environment.


    Since 2021, the program "Enhancing access to education for IB schools and displaced children from NK – 2021." is being implemented in Vardenis primary school No. 4 and Mets Masrik secondary school in Gegharkunik region. Within the framework of the program, children's development centers, "Smiley Clubs" were established in schools, where volunteers of the ARCS regional branches were trained, including teachers who teach in schools.


    Daily trainings, extracurricular groups, social and cultural events, thematic discussions aimed at capacity development are carried out in the centers.

    Response to 2022 September 13 escalation

    3,266 units/packs/pieces of humanitarian aid - food, hygiene items, clothing, First aid kits, household and kitchen items, stationery, beds and bedding, first psychological support.

    On December 12, the Armenian Red Cross Society, in cooperation with the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Armenia, provided one-time financial support to the residents of Kutakan, Tretuk, Nerkin Shorzha and Sotk communities of Gegharkunik region, who are in an extremely vulnerable situation as a result of the military operations of September 13.  A total of 297 families (1152 persons) received between 150,000 and 362,000 AMD depending on the number of family members.


    Accordingly, AMD 150,000 was provided to a family of one person, AMD 215,000 to a family of two, AMD 264,000 to a family of three, AMD 313,500 to a family of four, and AMD 362,000 to families of five or more members: 85 million 966 thousand AMD in total.


    Strengthening Civil Protection Systems through Volunteer Capacities

    Project Goal

    To contribute to the strengthening of the civil protection systems in the regions of Armenia through voluntary capacities.


    Project Objectives

     Implementation of the research on the experience and on success stories of volunteer integration in civil protection systems and the development of the appropriate models.

    1. Formation and capacity building of the civil protection volunteer teams in Armenia.
    2. Development of cross-sectoral cooperation in the field of civil protection and Introduction of the appropriate self-sufficient systems in the communities.
    3. Development of a productive model for the inclusion and development of civil protection volunteer teems, which can be applied in the future for raising the involvement of the volunteers in the field of civil protection.


    Population movement




    2630 families


    1330 internally displaced or at risk of displacement


    1000 displaced from Nagorno Karabakh


    300 refugee and asylum seekers


    Provision of protection and integration services to refugee, displaced or families asylum seeking families including





    - Consultation and information


    - Assessing the needs of families displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh through protection monitoring and managing identified cases


    - Managing special child protection cases


    - Managing cases of violence


    - Development of capacities of representatives of cooperating structures,


    - Provision of translation services





    - Provision of housing rent


    - Humanitarian assistance including food and hygiene kits


    - Armenian language classes and socio-cultural events


    - Provision of tools and support for animal husbandry in order to promote profitability aimed at economic integration, organizing specialty and business


    - Psychological support through individual and group work


    - Measures aimed at increasing children's resilience


    - Community programs aimed at ensuring peaceful coexistence of displaced and local families


    - Provision of technical assistance to community-based organizations supporting displaced families


     (Support to the youth center in Sevan, repair of the mini-football field in Gagarinavan, repair of the secondary school in Akunk, support to the youth center, renovation of the sports school, establishment of a carpet weaving center in Martuni, support to the youth center in Vardenis).


    Support for the families of the missing

    Families of 17 missing people


    Since 2011 support for family members of the missing persons: provision of psycho-social services and guidance.


    First Aid


    First aid courses in border communities


     Chambarak community - Chambarak city, Ttujur, Vahan


    Geghamasar community - Geghamasar, Sotk, Azat, Kut, Norabak


    Vardenis community - Vardenis town, Martuni town, Mets Masrik, Ayrk


     25 courses


    14 communities


    298 participants - 65 medical personnel - 15 firefighters - rescuers


    Social Support and healthcare


    Food support to lonely elderly




    70 vulnerable elderly


    Since November 2018, 70 - 100 vulnerable elderly people of Sevan receive a food package every month from the Armenian Red Cross Society.




    Providing psycho-social support to TB patients undergoing outpatient treatment and raising TB/Covid awareness




    32 patients with tuberculosis




    • Provision of TB information and psycho-social support to TB patients undergoing outpatient treatment and their family members
    • Raising awareness of TB/Covid among the public.




    Prevention and care of diabetes among the elderly






    330 diabetes patients - Sevan and Martuni






    Prevent diabetes and diabetes complications amongst the elderly with diabetes or prediabetes.








    • Improved self-management and diabetes care skills in people with diabetes
    • Knowledge and skills on healthy aging, healthy lifestyle, and diabetes screening of at-risk and vulnerable elderly
    • Capacity and developed toolkit for effective innovation, learning and advocacy of elderly people with diabetes.
    • Raising awareness of the population (awareness campaigns).

    Response to Covid-19 pandemic

    Increasing psycho-social support and mental health awareness and partnerships for supporters during the pandemic


    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the importance and necessity of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) to those providing care during the pandemic. Within the framework of this project, the needs of aid providers during the pandemic, the psychological impact of the pandemic on them were identified, an online support platform for aid workers and responders was created with relevant thematic materials.


    Increasing resistance to Covid-19 in RA

     1480 displaced


    Mitigating the effects of Covid-19 through the provision of food and hygiene kits, housing rent assistance, career development support and psycho-social assistance.

    1439 packages of food and hygiene items


    Single and childless pensioners, persons with disabilities, Syrian Armenians, graduates of orphanages, beneficiaries of boarding houses, self-isolating persons, mine victims, vulnerable families.

    Awareness activities of Covid-19 and vaccination was carried out with the involvement of Initiative groups of active elderly people, community volunteers.







    Youth Club in Martuni


    Cultural events for children and young people


    15 volunteers


    5 events


    125 participants






    Dissemination of humanitarian values


    1000 students and school children yearly




    The goal is to spread humanitarian ideas among the population, especially among the youth, attract new resources and volunteers, expand the list of partners.




    • Efforts to highlight the fundamental principles and history of the Red Cross in the schools and educational institutions of the Gegharkunik region,
    • thematic events - games and competitions.