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Stepanavan Territorial Branch

    Stepanavan Territorial Branch

     Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), following its humanitarian mission, aims at supporting the most vulnerable, to meet their humanitarian needs and alleviate suffering.  


    Disaster Risk Reduction/Community Resilience Raising

            Educational Crisis Management Center

    The team of 20 specially trained rescuers – volunteers conduct awareness-raising activities about community resilience, search and rescue, disaster risk reduction.

    ·      Disaster risk assessment

    ·      Forest monitoring

    ·      Assistance in improving the external lighting of communities


    Social assistance to the families in need

     • Regularly update of the families in need data

    • Firewood and food for the families in need


    Our partners are: the ICRC Delegation in Armenia, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Swiss, Monaco, Danish and Austrian Red Crosses, EU, Global Fund, RA Ministry of Health, RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, NCT SNPO, local self-government bodies, individuals.

    To support ARCS activities in Stepanavan region visit:

     Armenian Red Cross Society

     21/1 Paronyan, 0015, Yerevan, RA, [email protected], [email protected]