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Tavush Regional Branch

    Tavush Regional Branch

    Tavush Regional Branch

    The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), in pursuit of its humanitarian mission, strives to be always with the most vulnerable to meet their humanitarian needs and to alleviate suffering as much as possible.

    In Tavush region ARCS supports:

    • The most vulnerable lonely elderly people,
    • Children and youngsters,
    • The population of vulnerable communities,
    • Socially needy families,
    • Patients with tuberculosis,
    • Isolated people due to Covid-19,
    • People displaced as a result of Nagorno Karabakh conflict escalation.

     Disaster Management and Response

     12 members of the response team


    • Improving emergency preparedness by creating response teams


    • Improving the functions of the Emergency Response Center to monitor, manage,  and deploy volunteers during emergencies.



    Residents of 10 border villages, 12 civil defense teams of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 24 teachers from 12 communities, 33 fire-rescuers of Tavush Regional SRT, employees of outpatient clinics of 22 border communities, schoolchildren of 22 border communities• First aid courses

    • • First aid competitions
      • Rules for handling dead bodies in emergencies
      • Construction of protective walls (Chinari, Vazashen, Movses)
      • Construction / renovation of safe rooms (Berdavan, Nerkin Karmiraghbyur, Chinari)
      • Construction of playgrounds (Aygepar, Paravakar, Berdavan)


    "Changing mentality, cleaning city"


    With the support of the Government of Japan, the Armenian Red Cross Society has installed 240 garbage bins in Ijevan and provided the municipality with a garbage truck. Ijevan Municipality provides further technical maintenance of the garbage collection process.

    Resilience Center

    The goal of the ARCS Tavush Resilience Center is to promote the resilience of the population and communities of Tavush region by carrying out activities in the following directions:


    • First Aid training center
    • Rapid Response resource center
    • Disaster risk management and climate change and adaptation center
    • Social-psychological service
    • Emergency response reserve fund
    • Youth and children sustainable development 

     Response to Nagorno Karabakh conflict escalation

    Support to displaced people 

    180 food packages

    300 hygienic kits

    Warm clothes for 756 beneficiaries

    168 people received AMD 68000. In total 11.424.000 AMD.  


    Refugee protection and economic integration


    Providing primary humanitarian and juridical consultation to asylum seekers and refugees in the Republic of Armenia,


    Support to self-employed refugee and displaced families by providing instruments.

    Social support and health care

    Social and psychological support to the families of the missing persons of 1992-94 Nagorno Karabakh conflict escalation

    15 Missing persons’' families

    • Collection of detailed data on missing persons

    • Helping families resolve their social, health and legal problems

    • Organizing consultative meetings with doctors, lawyers, representatives of the social services of the regional and local authorities

    • Training for family members

    • Organizing cultural events


    Food assistance to lonely elderly people

    70 socially needy elderly

    Since January 2020, 70 socially needy elderly have been receiving food packages every month and hygiene items every trimester from the Armenian Red Cross Society In Tavush. 

    Psycho-social support to children

    235 children


    The ARCS volunteers, undergoing training and gaining relevant knowledge and skills, conduct eight classes for children in the framework of the Sustainable Child Development program, during which they discuss what rights and needs children have, what role they can play in their community life, and what is violence and how to avoid it.

    By creating a friendly and trusting atmosphere for children, volunteers give them the opportunity to form an opinion about the environment around them, to perceive and express it correctly. classes also promote children's overall development, give them the ability to communicate with peers and adults, making them more courageous, develop tolerance, and encourage a constructive approach to problems.

    • Besides the courses, there are also excursions to the sightseeings of the region and other interesting events.

    Reducing stigma and discrimination  and Social-psychological support

    16 people with tuberculosis

    • Social-psychological support for patients who discontinue treatment

    Discussions on discrimination with patients, relatives and primary care representatives




    Strengthening Resilience of South Caucasus Communities to Health Emergencies

    The aim is to increase the resistance of communities to reduce the negative impact of disasters and emergencies on the health of the population, as well as to improve first aid and psychological support for epidemics.

    During the project, 6 ARCS volunteers and 20 community volunteers have been trained to raise awareness of the population of the region.

    Covid-19 response 

    Lonely elderly, vulnerable families, isolated population

    2094 packages of food and hygiene items



    Dissemination of humanitarian values

    400 students and pupils annually


    The goal is to spread humanitarian ideas among the population, especially among the youth, to include new resources and volunteers, to expand the list of partners.

    • Coverage of the basic principles and history of the Red Cross in the schools and educational institutions of the cities and villages of Tavush region.

    • Thematic events: games and competitions.

    Volunteering and membership

    EU4Youth: Fostering potential for greater employability

     150 young people

    • Communication and life skills training to strengthen self-confidence. Vocational orientation classes and meetings with potential employers in order to help them understand their expectations  from life, their choices and to strengthen their self-control.

    • Creating  youth clubs

    • Support for the realization of business plans.

    Educational support to neglected and vulnerable boys and girls in Armenia

    24 teenagers

    The children learn hairdressing, cooking and car mechanics to find jobs. The duration of each course is 6 months.


    Voluntary initiatives

    •  Provision of firewood, clothing and hairdressing services to single elderly people (Berd, Tavush, Varagavan, Artsvaberd, Movses, Koti, Voskan, Noyemberyan)

    •  Community Cleanliness (Berd)

    •  Ecological campaigns, community cleanliness, events for children in villages (Noyemberyan, Varagavan, Gosh)

    •  Summer camps for children who are socially needy (Ijevan)

    •  Social support for single elderly people (Dilijan)

    •  Beddings  for single elderly people (Ijevan)

    •  Provision of clothing to socially needy families affected by the fire (Berd)