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Seeking asylum in Armenia
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Seeking asylum in Armenia

Seeking asylum in Armenia

Who is asylum seeker?

If your life and/or freedom are in serious risk in the country of origin based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, membership to a particular social group and internal conflicts, foreign aggression and massive violation of human rights and you are citizen of foreign country or stateless person and outside of country of origin or place of permanent residence, you can apply for protection from RA through seeking asylum.

For seeking asylum, you should apply to RA State Migration Service of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development.

If you are registered as asylum seeker this may lead to either granting refugee status or rejecting your claim (information about asylum procedure in RA will be explained by staff member when you approach State Migration Service).    

How to apply for asylum in Armenia?

You can apply for asylum in writing, orally or gesture form after entering the territory of Armenian as well as at border crossing points (airport and land borders).

You also have right to apply for asylum if you entered Armenia illegally (without passport, visa, travel document).  You should express your intention to either border guards or passport and visa office representatives at border crossing points as soon as possible.

If you are in territory of Armenia, you should visit the Sate Migration Service and submit your request for granting asylum (see the link below).


Rights and obligation of asylum seekers

You have right not to be returned to your country of origin until the final decision on asylum application is made.

You have right to contact UNHCR at any moment.

You have right to reside in reception center (if there are available rooms) and get food and hygienic kit.

You have the right to free movement within RA territory.

You have right to appeal the SMS negative decision to court instances.

You have right to work in Armenia under the same conditions as RA citizens with some exceptions when it is obligatory to have citizenship by the law.

You have right to education on the same basis as Armenian citizens.

You have the same rights equal to RA citizens to benefit from social and healthcare services.

You are obliged to respect the laws and regulation of Armenia. 


Important to know


You and your family members should be ready for individual interview with the staff of SMS upon their notification. If you do not speak Armenian, the interview will be conducted through interpreter.

The interview is confidential. The information given by you will not be communicated with authorities of your country or any other person.

The SMS will take decision after submission of asylum application during the period of 3-6 months which can be positive (grant you refugee status) or negative (reject your asylum application)

You should always tell the truth during the whole procedure of seeking asylum.

You should bring all the documentation (passports, ID cards, marriage and/or divorce certificate) you have, if available and any other documentation issued by officials. 

For additional information please contact UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and/or Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) (see the links below).


1. The State Migration Service

Address: 31 Ulnetsi street, Yerevan

Telephone: (060) 27-50-25

E-mail: [email protected]

(Asylum granting issues)



Address:14 Petros Adamyan Street,Yerevan

Telephone: (010) 56-47-71, 58-48-92

E-mail: [email protected]

(International protection issues)

3. Human Rights Defender of Armenia

Address: 56 a Pushkin St., Yerevan

Telephone: (010) 53-76-51

E-mail: [email protected]


4. Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS)

Address: 21/1 Paronyan St., Yerevan

Telephone: (060) 62-50-63, (055) 62-50-65, (095) 62-50-65,

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

(Humanitarian assistance and counseling)