Keeping in touch with loved ones during COVID-19 outbreak

Keeping in touch with loved ones during COVID-19 outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic and its consequences pose risks to family links as preventive measures are increasing globally and including more restrictions of movement, closing of borders and putting in place quarantine and confinement policies to limit the spread of the virus. In this situation, it is crucial as ever to stay connected with the family amidst growing fear and anxiety over the likely impact of the disease.  Restoring and Maintaining Family Links services are essential for those who become separated from their loved ones. The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) with its Tracing Service is here to respond to the situation. 

We appeal to all those whose relatives live abroad to make sure that your loved ones are not all alone and you have the contact details (e.g., email, phone number) of people who are in regular contact with your relative. Additionally, we suggest that you ensure your relative shares your contact details with their friends, neighbors, coworkers or employer, asking them to inform you in case you are unable to communicate. These are the basic steps to do to prevent possible loss of family contact.

We recommend that all the foreigners living in Armenia, especially those without their families here, do the same. Please share contacts of your friends, neighbors or colleagues with your relatives in your country of origin and give the contacts of your family abroad to your friends or colleagues here in Armenia.

If you do not have any contact with your relative, you can approach us for help:

21/1 Paronyan str., Yerevan, tel: +374 60 625066, e-mail: [email protected].  

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