First Aid for the heads of schools and kindergardens

First Aid for the heads of schools and kindergardens

First Aid for the heads of schools and kindergardens


 First Aid cannot be provided without Psychological First Aid. The first aid is not only to bandage or to make the limb immobilized. You need to get in touch with the child, the injured. A first aid psychological training course for 20 school and kindergarten headmasters as well as community leaders was held on December 19 at the Armenian Red Cross Society headquarter. The training was held in the framework of the project "Raising the Resistance of Syrian-Armenians and Locals" in cooperation with the town hall of Yerevan.


ARCS Secretary General Anna Yeghirazaryan welcomed the participants

“I am grateful to the Town Hall for the effective cooperation for many years. We have worked together to promote educational, social, healthy lifestyles and humanitarian values, and managing disasters.I hope the knowledge you get here today will be used in practice. This year, together with the state we have taken responsibility to spread humanitarian education, so we expect long-term cooperation together.”


Anna Stepanyan, Head of the Department of General Education of the  Yerevan Town hall, also thanked for the cooperation, indicating:

“This year many of our principals attended the First Aid training organized by the Armenian Red Cross Society and were pleased with it. I believe that our cooperation must be of a continuous nature, and one day we will be able to train all the principals of all 152 schools and 162 kindergartens.”