For quality care, well-being and a dignified life

 For quality care, well-being and a dignified life


On November 12-13, in the frames of the “Working together for quality care, well-being and a dignified life” project,  the two-day training session was organized and conducted by trainers of the Armenian Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology, for 41 care  and  project staff.

Armenian Red Cross launched a new program  to improve care quality in Gyumri 24-hour Care Center starting from September 2020. The goal of the project is to significantly improve the quality of ARCS Gyumri's 24-hour care center through improved minimum standards and staff trainings.



In the theoretical part, the participants got acquainted with the psychological features of the elderly, the principles of correct communication with them, learned a number of tricks of active listening, as well as tried to practice them in the practical part of the training. Next, participants got acquainted with the geriatric syndromes typical of old age, such as sarcopenia, senile asthenia, relapses, etc., learned their symptoms, and the peculiarities of the organization of care. Special mention was made of dementias. Participants were introduced to the symptoms, types, ways of prevention, as well as the basics of care for a person with dementia, tried to separate dementia from the natural problems of old age, learned a number of brain-stimulating exercises that can be used by both caregivers and beneficiaries.

Careful application of the principles of biomechanics to the safety of both the caregiver and the beneficiaries is crucial in caregiving work. Participants learned the rules of body movements, the basic positions needed to care for a bedridden patient, and the skills of sitting, changing the position in bed, lying down skills, which are essential for preventing bed sores.



Starting form December 1, 25 trained volunteers within the framework of the program have been providing day-to-day support to the ARCS Gyumri's 24-hour care center under the direct support and supervision of professional staff. They help the residents to get up, move, get food from the kitchen, etc. The residents of the center are supported both inside and outside the institution, during visits to medical centers or during various social events organized outside the center.



The Program, which will last till July 2023, is being implemented with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency and in cooperation with the Austrian Red Cross.