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Community mobilization and enhancement

Community mobilization and enhancement

Community mobilization and enhancement

Armenian Red Cross Society, with the finance of UNHCR in the frames of "Refugee reception and integration" project, started to implement the "Community mobilization and enhancement" component.  In the frames of the project, 5 communities were selected, where refugees are settled: Ashtarak city, Aragatsotn region, Abovyan city, Kotayq region, Darbnik Community, Ararat region and Nor-Nork administrative district, Yerevan city.

In the frame of "Community mobilization and enhancement" component Armenian Red Cross Society organized  community meeting in Municipalities and Community Centers with the participation of  the residents, including refugees, and UNHCR. During the meeting they discussed the issues raised by the communities, and the most important ones were chosen through voting. Civic action group members have been selected at the meeting, to submit the issues raised by the communities into a project form to receive grants. Armenian Red Cross Society conducted special training session for the civic action groups, where they obtained skills of project proposal writing.

As a result, the communities suggested the following proposals: "Recognize our settlement", Ashtarak city, “School and kinder garden fencing”, Darbnik community, “Renovation of Water and Sanitation systems of Energetic college dormitory”, Abovyan city, “Construction of sport platform”, Nor-Nork administrative distinct.

ARCS and UNHCR in close cooperation with Municipalities and Community Centers placed nameplates with the numbers of houses and the names of the streets places, as well as information boards of historical and cultural monuments and the City's master plan have been installed in Ashtarak, street lamps have been placed in three streets of Bagratashen, Water and Sanitation systems of Energetic college dormitory have been renovated in Abovyan.  Also, a school and a kinder garden were fenced in Darbnik village.