Fair-exhibition to support income-generating activities of Syrian Armenians

Fair-exhibition to support income-generating activities of Syrian Armenians

20 May, 2014, at 17:00-19:00 PM in Sharl Aznavur Square (near “Moscow” Cinema) ARCS organized a fair-exhibition, where Syrian Armenians, who had started their small businesses thanks to the tools and equipment provided  in the frames of ARCS project, presented their products and skills. 

The Fair visitors had a chance to buy sweets, handicraft, as well as to get acquianted with various masters. This initiative will provide visitors with the necessary information regarding the skills of Syrian Armenians, ensuring the visibility of their work and experience. Due to the event, Syrian Armenians will get an opportunity to enlarge their small businesses. 

The event was accompanied by Armenian folk songs and dances.

As an organization auxiliary to the government in humanitarian sphere and leaded by its Mission to prevent and reduce human sufferings, Armenian Red Cross Society could not remain indifferent to the problems of Syrian Armenians, forced to migrate to Armenia as a result of Civil War in Syria, and started to help them from the very first day of their arrival.    

Taking into consideration the situation and the raising number of refugees in need, ARCS initiated specific projects aimed at contributing to enhanced livelihood conditions of Syrian Armenians in Armenia.

The projects are financed and supported by UNHCR, Austrian Development Agency, United States Embassy in Armenia through the Julia Taft Refugee Fund, Austrian Red Cross and IFRC Disaster Relief Emergency Fund.