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All for the integration of Syrian-Armenians

All for the integration of Syrian-Armenians

All for the integration of Syrian-Armenians

On 17 April, Syrian Armenian women participated in the cake design course in Psycho-Social Support Center, conducted by experienced expert Mrs. Vardeni.

She shared her knowledge and little secrets with Syrian-Armenian women with a great pleasure, and skillfully demonstrated the method of preparing a wonderful cake with minimal knowledge.

Mrs. Vardeni lives and works in England, but despite the shortage of time, dedicates her time to Syrian-Armenian women.

On 8 May, the make-up artist Anahit was the guest of the Psycho-Social Support Center, who   shared her knowledge and introduced the unique approaches and secrets of modern make-up with great pleasure as well.

Syrian-Armenian women  tried to apply the knowledge gained during the course with great enthusiasm.

On May 10 and 14, Syrian-Armenian women met Dr. Endocrinologist Mary Hambardzumyan, who shared her profound knowledge with them.

And on May 16 and 21, Tamara Ephremian presented the secrets of Marash's embroidery in the Center.

 There is also a tradition, at the end of the training, participants share their impressions, discuss the effectiveness of the meetings and courses.

On May 25 an excursion to Surb Etchmiadzin was organized for 28 Syrian-Armenians.

The first station was Saint Hripsime Church. After getting acquainted with the history of the Church, and after the prayer, the excursion continued to the Cathedral, then to St. Gayane church, and finally “Machanents” House.


 Within the framework of “Increased Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population” programme ARCS organizes various events and meetings in Psycho-Social Support Center , as well as takes them to cultural events and historical sites,  to promote Syrian Armenians integration.