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Smiley Club Project restarts

Smiley Club Project restarts

Smiley Club Project restarts

The resumption of the "Smiley Club" project, with the generous support of the Austrian Red Cross and Liechtenstein Red Cross, presents a promising opportunity for the Armenian Red Cross Society. The project is aimed at promoting cultural, sports, and intellectual events for children aged 7-14 living in dormitories and participating in daily classes in Yerevan and Kotayk.

By starting the "Smiley Club" project, the Armenian Red Cross Society will resart daily visits from volunteers who will assist them with their homework, as well as separate groups, such as English, painting, and others, will enable children to gain in-depth knowledge about specific subjects.

Additionally, monthly events for the children's overall development, including visits to theaters, museums, or other cultural sites, will be organized by volunteers. Daytime activities will also be arranged on holidays such as New Year, Easter, Children's Independence Day, and other special occasions.