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RCRC Movement Dissemination in Getashen School, Armavir

RCRC Movement Dissemination in Getashen School, Armavir


On 21 August, in the Getashen village school of Armavir region dissemination event was organized for the pupils and the teachers by the ARCS Regional branch.  ARCS HQ Information and Dissemination department staff and ICRC Communication Officer Hasmik Galstyan also attended the event.

Before the event Gevorg Muqoyan, school director, introduced the school area, where jars with the names of the Western Armenian provinces were placed, some of them were brought from there in the beginning of the last century.

Pupils in Getashen School have an opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables, which are sent directly to the cafeteria, providing them with healthy food. The school has also a traditional oven (tonir) to have for freshly baked bread every day.

With the initiative and the efforts of the school management, during only few years, dilapidated classrooms, corridors and toilets, were renovated and upgraded. So, today children of borderline Getashen community, can study in modern and comfortable conditions. Serious attention is also paid to their esthetic education: there are straw handicraft, embroidery, dance, chess and art groups.

Children welcomed guests with the performances of the Hovhannes Tumanyan's fairy tales. After that, ARCS Armavir Regional branch dissemination volunteer presented and explained the history, Fundamental Principles, emblems and today’s activities of the International Red Cross Movement. Then First Aid volunteers of the branch demonstrated the First Aid basics in the case of fainting, fractures and burn.

After the presentation, children discussed  Red Cross’s humanitarian activities in the world's hot spots with the Red Cross volunteers and staff, as well as asked questions about the First Aid.