We all are responsible for everyone. Astghik Petrosyan

We all are responsible for everyone. Astghik Petrosyan

We all are responsible for everyone. Astghik Petrosyan

It would be impossible to help people in need during these days of Covid-19 pandemics without the help of volunteers. They are unselfish, willing to input all their efforts and energy for the good of others. Together with the staff of the Armenian Red Cross Society volunteers are sorting, packing and distributing food donations.

Astghik Petrosyan, an education manager and English language specialist, has wide range of interests, and volunteering is a part of her lifestyle. She has been volunteering at the Armenian Red Cross for about 9 years and is now involved in almost all programs.


“Volunteering means doing humanitarian work. I think, all we do is very much needed these days. When they asked “who would like to come,” I was among the first ones, as it is very natural, when a person protects someone else.”


Volunteers from different departments are involved in the activities, 

Astghik is volunteering both in the Youth and Disaster Management Departments.

"We have been trained, taught a lot of things, and it would be wrong not to use the knowledge we had gained at the moment. We have always been united, but now we are close even more. We all are responsible for everyone, and I have an inner peace that I can use my strength for the sake of other people. There is a rule of coexistence: when everyone feels good, you feel good as well.”