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Red Cross help us to overcome difficulties

Red Cross help us to overcome difficulties

Red Cross help us to overcome difficulties

Rima Manoukyan, 78, lives in the dormitory, located on Artsakh street of Yerevan. She has been living there for almost 30 years. Her two sons passed away. She has grandchildren and a grandson. She used to work in a wheel factory for years as a chief-inspector. Nowadays her only visitors are the “Armenian Red Cross Society” volunteers, whose visits are always looked forward to by her.

“I like pretty much communicating with youngsters, it’s always interesting with them, sometimes they tell me stories, then I tell them my stories, we laugh together out loud. When they need a shoulder to cry on, I always welcome them, so we enjoy our days. I like to talk and share with people, to make them laugh. There are moments sharing with them when I forget my age. When Rubina (one of volunteers- V.S.) visits me it feels like the world’s on my shoulders. And when they leave, it feels like the walls are closing in. They’re really nice youth…”

Mrs. Rima does not go out from her apartment, as she has feet-disease. She still remembers her happy days from the past. Especially those days are the things make her live on, and those are the days she usually shares with volunteers.

“Red cross rescues us from challenges and eases our lives”.

“Psycho-social support to children and lonely refugee elders” project is implemented in 3 dormitories in Yerevan (Artsakh str. 4/10 and 10/1, Shirak str. 2A/7, Moldovakan str. 29/1 of Nor-Nork district) and in dormitories of College and Abovyan 1 in Hrazdan city (Hatis 4th alley) of Kotayk region. Volunteers visit to 120 beneficiaries in total once a week, help them in their daily stuff, organize social and cultural events.Every three months the beneficiaries are being provided with food and hygiene parcels. During winter months utility costs (electricity) are partially covered.