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Stigma as a destiny

Stigma as a destiny

Stigma as a destiny

Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), on occasion of the World Tuberculosis Day, has organized essay and drawing competition titled “Stigma as a destiny” in the No. 1 high school named after Kh. Abovyan and Pop and Jazz Art Studio in Abovyan city.

On 25 March, in two schools authors of the best works got their prizes.

Before the contest announcement, employees and volunteers of ARCS held dissemination sessions for schoolchildren, they told them about Tuberculosis and the difficulties that these patients face. Social attitudes and stereotypes are formed in early childhood. The phrases that we hear during childhood are attached to our brains, and influence our behavior and relationships all our life.

To describe stigma we often use the Greek word "stigma", which means “scar”. Therefore, by stigmatizing, we are labeling and leaving an indelible mark on the soul of a man. We also stigmatize when the person is suffering from any infectious disease, such as tuberculosis, believing that he is a threat or danger. In fact, we do not have enough knowledge for protection and by showing stigmatization and discrimination we make it more difficult for the patient to recover and return to normal life.

This was the topic that pupils had tried to expose in their works. This was also an opportunity for children to put down their thoughts and think about humanity and tolerance. School directors and teachers, who work with children to prepare for the competition, also noted that the topic was very relevant and important for students to form values.

The winners of the “Stigma as a destiny” essay competition in the No. 1 high school named after Kh. Abovyan were.
1. Gor Ghukasyan - 1st place, IXa class.
2. Angelica Aghasaryan – the 1st place, Xa class.
3. Nelly Zakaryan - the 2nd place, Xb class.
4. Aram Nersisyan - the 2nd place, Xb class.
5. Sona Avagyan – the 3rd place, Xa class.
6. Lianna Sahakyan – the 3rd place, Xb class.

On 24 March 1982, the 100th anniversary of tuberculosis inoculums discovery, the World Health Organization and the International Union for the fight against tuberculosis and lung diseases financed the events dedicated to the World Tuberculosis Day. In 1998 it was registered in the list of events organized by the United Nations and is celebrated on 24 March every year.