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Support for Syrian-Armenians

Support for Syrian-Armenians

Support for Syrian-Armenians

In the framework of EU funded Increases Resilience of Syrian Armenians and Host Population (IRIS) programme various events, meetings and visits, aimed at promoting the integration of Syrian-Armenians, are frequently held at the ARCS Center for Social and Psychological Assistance of Syrian Armenians.    




On June 6, 13 Syrian-Armenians visited The Parajanov museum-house. They had a beautiful cultural day filled with the stories of the gide and Parajanov's colorful art.

During the project Syrian-Armenian children visited the "Zulandia" exotarium, where they had an opportunity to see a variety of animals, to play and communicate with them. Some of them avoided communication and physical contact with the animals, but the problem was solved due to the right psychological approach of the experts.

Children were very excited and happy.They had a day filled with impressions.

On June 18, 22 Syrian-Armenians were invited to the Hamazgayin Theater to watch "Truth" performance. The evening was filled with positive emotions.

According to the participants such events enable them to lessen their daily worries and difficulties.


The IRIS programme is funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis (the ‘MADAD’ Fund), Austrian Development Cooperation and Austrian Red Cross and is being implemented by the consortium led by Austrian Red Cross and consisting of “Armenian Caritas” Benevolent NGO, Armenian Red Cross Society, Centre for Coordination of Syrian Armenians’ Issues, SME Cooperation Association.