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International DRR Day Event within the DIPECHO Programme

International DRR Day Event within the DIPECHO Programme


Drawing is one of the best ways when kids can express their visions and emotions on different types of issues. Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS), having involved in organizing Drawing competitions in different areas has long lasting experience in covering Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction issues in schools’ related events.

This time, the Drawing Competition dedicated to International Disaster Risk Reduction (IDRR) Day was organized in Gyumri, Shirak region from 6th to 17th of October. Over 380 pupils from 12 classes of 4 schools of Gyumri participated at the competition. The initial agreement was reached with the Shirak Regional Education Department on organization of the competition and selection of the schools.

The DRR training sessions were organized in all targeted classes of the schools jointly by ARCS Field Officer and trained teachers of the schools. After completion of sessions pupils were provided with stationery for drawing their imaginations on disasters.

After passing DRR session pupils are drawing their imagination on disasters. They were informed on specific focus of the Day and the importance of being attentive to elderly people in emergencies.

Before starting competition ARCS Field Officer made opening speech and presentation of the competition. In his speech he highlighted that initiation is dedicated to IDRR Day and implemented within DIPECHO funded project, meanwhile, presenting the focus of the Day and stressing importance of youth in supporting elderly in an emergency as one of most vulnerable groups. Also, to encourage pupils he also noted that Annual Calendar for 2015 will be printed based on the winners’ drawings so they should be more attentive and creative.

The ARCS DIPECHO Project Field Officer, Ashot Boyakhchyan is awarding winners of the competition with special prizes.

The teachers of schools engaged in the competition also had a speech emphasizing important work initiated and supported by the Red Cross for already couple of years and that school should use such kind of opportunities for their best with the aim to be in a more safe and prepared environment. They encouraged pupils to be active and try to become winner.

There were different impressions and ideas expressed by pupils during the competition, but some of them noted that will be back home and start working with their grandparents on disaster preparedness and think how best they can be supported and/or assisted in case of emergency considering their specific needs.