The Armenian Red Cross Society supports the people affected by the Nagorno- Karabakh...

The Armenian Red Cross Society supports the people affected by the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict

The Armenian Red Cross Society supports the people affected by the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict

The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) has been providing humanitarian assistance to people who arrived in Armenia in search of safety since the very first days of the escalation of the Nagorno - Karabakh conflict.


“Today, due to the current situation, the humanitarian needs of affected people are diverse, from social and health to psychological issues”, ARCS Secretary General Anna Yeghiazaryan says. “The Armenian Red Cross Society, which operates throughout Armenia as a neutral, independent organization, does its utmost to mobilize all its human and financial resources to respond to those needs”.


• The Armenian Red Cross Society, in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Armenia and local self-government bodies, through mobilized 1300 volunteers provided food, clothing, hygiene items, personal necessities, bedding, medical equipment, first aid courses and boxes, wheelchairs, walkers and canes to about 65 000 people in Yerevan and 36 communities of 10 regions.



• Psychologists and first aid teams of the ARCS provided psychological assistance and psychological first aid to about 12,382 people, including wounded soldiers and their relatives (910), ARCS hotline applicants (7338), citizens involved in the process of identifying the bodies of those killed during the conflict (2690), people sheltered in different institutions, to the relatives of the missing persons and captives (1350).

•In cooperation with My Step foundation, ARCS psychologitst support to the relatives of the missing persons and captives (24). 


• ARCS trained volunteers to work with 2,600 children living in temporary shelters in schools, kindergartens, and hotels in 19 communities of 7 regions, organizing their daily lives and providing psychological support.


• ARCS Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation Center uses all its potential and professional skills of the staff in the process of treatment and rehabilitation of wounded servicemen (65).


• With the purpose to prevent the separation of families in the result of the conflict and restore family links in the ARCS has activated its Tracing Service which has received about 3320 calls up to date.


• ARCS supported people accommodated in shelters to continue to have access to such basic services as electricity, heating and water by contributing 363 million AMD to cover November - December utility expenses of private shelters where people currently live. ARCS plans to cover those expenses in all winter months. 


The ARCS’ partners in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and some International and National organizations provided more than AMD 2 billion 246 million to the Armenian Red Cross to respond to the most urgent and pressing needs of people.

All activities are carried out in compliance with the anti-epidemic rules, promoting their observance by providing informative leaflets and protective materials. 


“Taking into account that winter is ahead, humanitarian needs of these people will multiply, and we are developing mid-term programs to ensure the access of the affected people to the basic services and first necessity help, including by giving access to warm accommodations, electricity, and water”, Anna Yeghiazaryan, Secretary General adds.  "Then, based on the assessments, we will move on to the development and implementation of early recovery and rehabilitation programs. The Armenian Red Cross Society, as a large humanitarian organization operating in the country, has always been by the side of the most vulnerable for 100 years”.