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Armenian Red Cross Society supports the people affected by the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict

Armenian Red Cross Society supports the people affected by the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict

Armenian Red Cross Society supports the people affected by the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict


The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) has been providing humanitarian assistance to people who arrived in Armenia in search of safety since the very first days of the escalation of the Nagorno - Karabakh conflict.


The ARCS’ partners in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and some International and National organizations provided more than AMD 5 billion 482 million 547 thousand (about USD 11 421 973) to the Armenian Red Cross to respond to the most urgent and pressing needs of people.


Food, non-food items

Around 300 000 parcels and items

Food, hygiene parcels, cloths, personal basic items and beddings, medical equipment/items, First aid trainings and kits, wheelchairs, walkers and canes.


Cash assistance

AMD 2,828,880,696

  • Support to the access of basic needs: utility fees for the shelters where people arrived from NK are accommodated (545 shelters, over 16,000 ppl, AMD 174,490,108 )
  • Support to host families (about 17 538 ppl covered, AMD  538,990,588  AMD 30 000 to each adult person)
  • Support to displaced people (14000 persons, 952 mln AMD, AMD 68 000 for each person)
  • Assistance to Syunik and Gegharkunik border communities (one-time cash assistance to 1685 families in 27 communities to purchase firewood and fodder before winter, total 471,800.000 AMD)
  • Assistance to the displaced persons to reimburse utility bills (15,000 AMD one-time assistance to 15,019 people, including 1,500 local vulnerable people, totaling 225 million AMD)
  • Assistance for displaced persons aged 0-18 years, 1st and 2nd group disabled ppeople, people who lost their property, in January-February (6129 people, 20 and 40 thousand AMD, total 466,600,000 AMD).


Psychological support

ARCS Hotline

More than 22 000 calls covered


Psychological and First Psychological support

More than 20 200 persons

Wounded militaries and their relatives, citizens involved in the process of identifying the bodies of those killed during the conflict, people sheltered in state institutions  and private houses, relatives of the missing persons and captives.


Support for children

Psychological and educational support organized according to a special model

1900 children

Psychological support

Individual work with 350 children

Children Resilience activities/Access to education

1900 children reached  

 Measures to increase children's resilience

Group events - 70 events

Family events - 15 events

Community / yard activities - 12 yard camps

Providing resilience packages to 1,500 school-age children in 6 regions

Providing tablets to 60 vulnerable children in 6 regions

Protection monitoring and case management

Assessing the needs of 1400 families through ARCS social workers using the KOBO tool.

Case management of the most vulnerable families and families with special needs.


Support for state housing

Provision of property (furniture, household appliances) worth 20 million AMD to 6 state-owned shelters that accommodated people displaced by the conflict escalation.


Support for community-based organizations

Assistance to organizations supporting the displaced population, including the ARCS regional and territorial offices at a total cost of 20 million AMD.

ARCS Post-Traumatic Rehabilitation Center

treatment, physical and psychological rehabilitation of wounded solders (370).


Tracing Service

Over 3860 calls covered.


Prevention measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19

distribution of around 600 000 masks and 150 000 sanitizers.



We thank our partners for support: the ICRC, IFRC, Austrian Red Cross, Danish Red Cross, German Red Cross, Monaco Red Cross, Swiss Red Cross, Iran Red Crescent, UNHCR, UN WFP, Izmirlyan Foundation,  GIZ organization.