Martin Ledolter, General Director of Austrian Development Agency visited Stepanavan

Martin Ledolter, General Director of Austrian Development Agency visited Stepanavan


On 24 September, Martin Ledolter, General Director of Austrian Development Agency was in Stepanavan with the monitoring visit, he arrived to learn about "Building safe and resilient communities" project, which is being implemented by ARCS.

Mr. Ledolter attended the training drill of community volunteer teams, which were established in 4 rural communities of Lori region. Teams were formed and trained in the frame of the mentioned project. They were given also special equipment.

During the exercise, teams showed their skills, such as river crossing, rope techniques to move the victim out of the vehicle, debris removal and providing First Aid to the victim.

Having watched the drill, ADA General Director, had decided to act as a victim and with the help of volunteers, made a crossing by a rope.

Then, for the discussion of the Project conducting process and results, Mr. Ledolter met with Arthur Nalbandyan, Lori region governor. The meeting was also attended by the Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan, President of ARCS, Sonja Greiner, Austrian Red Cross, Head of Delegation South Caucasus, Deputy governor of Lori region Arsen Darbinyan, Hrach Antonyan, Head of MES Lori Region Rescue Service, Edmon Azaryan, Head of ARCS Disaster Management and Population Movement Department and others.

Mkhitar Mnatsakanyan, ARCS President welcomed the participants, mentioning.

- I highly appreciate and consider very important the cooperation between the governor's office, local communities, MES Rescue Service and Red Cross, which guarantee the visible results of this Project.

Disaster Risk Reduction in not possible with the efforts of one structure and only the triangle of State, The Community and NGOs can lead to serious results.

Lori governor thanked ARCS for implementing disaster risk reduction project, noting how important it is for the region.

Mr. Ledolter highly appreciated the work done by ARCS and indicated that in both this and other projects funded by them are being implemented with great success and effectiveness.

He also thanked the governor and the relevant structures for cooperation, appreciating the importance that is given to this project implemented in the region.

All the sides stressed the importance of DRR projects in the disaster - prone regions of RA.